Tapasbar ’t Vlak

tapaskeuken en Hollandse historie.

What are tapas?

A tapa is originally a Spanish appetiser. Therefore many people believe you can only take it with a drink, but you can also order several tapas to make a complete meal. By combining various dishes of the menu, you can compose a delicious meal.
You have a wide choice of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. We can also include a homemade salad or baked potatoes with spicy sauce.

Why tapas?

Diner is a special social event and 'tVlak tries to realize the right atmosphere for that. Tapas are served in stages and small quantities. If you don't have enough, there is no problem in orderning some more. Socializing has the priority above the food. However the quality of the dishes should be fine.
Our reasonable prices invite you to order something that you normally would not dare to try.
You cannot decide? Let you surprise by the chef!

Dish of the week.

Beside the tapas menu we serve varying week dishes. Such as: pasta, a delicious beef stew, hotchpotch or for example a steak.

Private event. 

On Monday evening tapsasbar 't Vlak gives you the opportunity to receive your guests in private on our unique location in Dordrecht. Our friendly and professional team will assist you to make this evening for you and your guests to a success.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Come visit us or call for an appointment, you are welcome!


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