Tapasbar ’t Vlak

tapaskeuken en Hollandse historie.

House with the Heads.

The house with the Heads was built by Gilles Huppe (1567-1660).
Gilles Huppe was one of the many Walloon refugees who settled in Dordrecht early 17th century. He was born in Liège and died in Dordrecht. In October 1616 he bought an estate on the “Nieuwe werck” (Nieuwhaven), where he built his house.
Gilles Huppe was stonemason or sculptor and turned his house into a billboard by decorating it with beautiful heads, capitals and cartouches made of sandstone. Because of those decorations it received the name "The House with the Heads".
Several gates and houses are decorated by him with his sculptures, but he received fame through his sculptures at the “Groothoofdspoort” and “Nieuwpoort" (Melkpoortje) in Dordrecht.
Unfortunately, many of his sculptures disappeared in the 20th century. However the remains gives a good impression of his craftsmanship.



The origin of tapas.

The word "tapa" or plural "tapas" is derived from the Spanish verb "tapar ', which means covering or cover. When you literally translate "tapa" it means "lid". This assumes that tapas arises originated from the habit to cover a glass of wine with a slice of ham or cheese.
It is not exactly known where tapas are originated. There are several theories. One theory states that the goal was to prevent insects or other small things to fall in the glass of wine. The other theory says that the goal was to eat something by the wine so that the alcohol would be better processed by the body.


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